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33 minutes - 16:9 widescreen

Footage from 2009 & 2010 featuring 9F 92212, 30777 ‘Sir Lamiel’, 44767 ‘George Stephenson’, 1982 ‘Ring Haw, J15 65462, GWR 5619, N2 1744, 3440 ‘City of Truro’ GWR 6619, N7 69621. An Atmospheric look at the North Norfolk Railway, including footage from the footplate of Black Five 44767.

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Shippea and Me

This DVD features an interview with Harry Bye, who worked at Shippea Hill Station from 1955 to 1981. Starting as a porter, then in 1957 becoming a signalman. Harry at 95 takes time out to tell us some of his encounters during his 26 years on the railway.

Contains 45 photographs taken at Shippea Hill between 1961 ans 1981, form the camera of Robert Powell.

30 minutes - 16:9 widescreen

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£11.99 The Yarmouth to Lowestoft Line

45 minutes - 16:9 widescreen

The last days of the line captured on  colour slide film, with music accompaniment.

The main feture of this DVD is a slide show. It also has a section with movie footage taken in 2011 comparing the scene then with the past.

PayPal: Add The Yarmouth to Lowestoft Line to cart Click on picture to view on YouTube Click on picture to view on YouTube KENNETT - THE LAST DAYS (PITDVDKLD) £9.99

Recorded in 2011, with train movements  just before the box was closed and also the box closure. Hear the bell code ring out as we see the signaller go through the procedure to close the box.

We then spend a few minutes watching the box  being lift of its base and loaded on to a low loader, ready for it’s trip to the Colne Valley Railway.

Kennett - the last days

22 minutes - 16:9 widescreen

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This DVD features our footage from the Norwich to Ely line, with signallers at work and  a look at internal working of a signal box, lineside footage and cab view footage. Also trains being signalled onto the Dereham branch.

Recorded from 2009 to 2012. 2012 saw the removal of the semaphore signals and closure of the signal boxes, being replaced with a modern axle counter system.

Includes the closure of Shippea Hill signal box, followed by an atmospheric look at the traditional signalling system as we make our way back to Wymondham for the closure of the signal box there.

Featured Signal Boxes Wymondham, Spooner Row, Attleborough, Poplar crossing, Hargham crossing, Eccles, Harling Road, Thetford, Brandon, Lakenheath and Shippea Hill.

£17.99 Breckland Semaphore Twilight 76 minutes - 16:9 widescreen PayPal: Add Breckland Semaphore Twilight to cart £17.99 The East Suffolk Line in the 80s

61 minutes - 4:3 format (from VHS tape)

This DVD features footage from,

Lowestoft, Oulton Broad Swing Bridge, Oulton Broad South, Beccles, Brampton, Halesworth, Darsham, Saxmundham, Wickham Market, Melton, Woodbridge, Westerfield, East Suffolk Jcn - Ipswich.


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£14.99 Railways around King's Lynn 1984

61 minutes - 4:3 format (from VHS tape)

This DVD features footage from,

Downham Market, Extons Road crossing, Harbour Junction, South Lynn, Middleton Towers, Road crossings on the Docks Branch, King’s Lynn (goods & passenger services), 46026 on the ‘Lynn Liner’ rail tour.

PayPal: Add Railways around King's Lynn 1984 to cart THE FLF FAREWELL TOUR (PITDVDFLFT) £14.99 The FLF Farewell Tour

54 minutes - 4:3 format (from VHS tape)

This DVD contains footage from the 8th January 1984. When the Eastern Counties Omnibus Society commemorated the end of service for the FLF Bristol Lodekka bus, with a tour around Norwich and suburbs. FLFs JPW 456D and GVF 446D performed the duties for the day.

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29 minutes - 4:3 format (from VHS tape)

A DVD featuring mostly the Bristol Lodekka FLF bus. Recorded around Norwich on the 31st December 1983.

This was the last day of crew operated buses and the last day in service for the FLF’s in Norwich. Catch a glimpse of the ‘Norfolk Bluebird’ bus on Castle Meadow. See a wide variety of bus liveries. As the Sun sets and

the DVD comes to an end listen to the driver and Conductor of the 5pm from the Heartease terminus chat to us and tell us of the events that were planned for the end of the FLF.

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65 minutes - 16:9 widescreen

This DVD features the working of the RETB (RadioElectronic Tokenless Block) system. Commissioned

 in February 1986 at Saxmundham signal box and replaced by a modern SSI (Solid State Interlocking)

and axle counter system in October 2012. Footage from the cab of the very last RHTT to use the RETB system. Listern to the RETB radio messages as we travel down the line on a wet and windy day. More footage follows of old and new systems being operated at Saxmundham signal box.


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50 minutes, 4:3 footage running in a 16:9 setting

This DVD contains footage from 1985, when we were given permission to travel on the brakevan from Norwich (Thorpe) Station to the Norwich Victoria goods yard. In 1985 Victoria was serving as a coal

concentration depot. Footage remastered from VHS tape (4:30, includes comparison footage taken in 2009 (16:9), all set to run in a 16:9 environment.

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The Kings Lynn to HUnstanton Line


£11.99      45 minutes - 16:9 widescreen

This DVD features photographs of the line taken before and after closure of the line on 3rd May 1969.

The DVD runs as a SLIDE show and lasts for approx 45 minutes and has accompanying music and captions where appropriate. Contains black & white and colour images.

Featured Station,

King’s Lynn, North Wootton, Wolferton, Dersingham, Snettisham, Heacham and Hunstanton.

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As reviewed in ‘Railway Magazine’ April 2018.