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Chapter 1. Riverside Road.  

We see some of the surviving FLFs stopping for passengers and running alongside the River Wensum. They are augmented by one or two VRs on the 501/509 group services, and we have our first glimpse of one of three green VRs on loan from Eastern National.

Chapter 2. Prince of Wales Road.

The FLFs are much in evidence, together with VRs and a Leyland National.

Chapter 3. Castle Meadow.

Now we watch the Saturday morning activity featuring FLFs, VRs of various vintages and colour schemes, Leyland Nationals and a solitary RL, by then very much a rarity. The buses mingle with motor cars, pedestrians – and a number of bus enthusiasts – in this busy City centre thoroughfare.  

Chapter 4. Grapes Hill.

It is getting on for mid-day, and whilst one or two FLFs had been taken out of service during the morning, we are still able to enjoy the sight of operating examples on the climb into the city. This chapter also includes former Scottish Bus Group VRs in both Eastern Counties and Eastern National liveries.

Chapter 5. Dereham Road.

The light is fading as FLF 552 (JNG 552D) heads out of the city on the way to Costessey in the late afternoon. By this time it was the only FLF remaining in service. We follow it to the Richmond Road terminus, where the conductor, ticket machine around his neck, changes the destination blind for the next eastbound trip to the Heartsease estate. The bus then follows us back along Dereham Road, we catch up with it again on Prince of Wales Road.

Chapter 6. Heartsease Lane.

It is now dark as we follow FLF 552 along Heartsease Lane as it continues its journey to the Sale Road terminus on the Heartsease estate.  

Chapter 7. Bus crew talk to us.

View a selection of still images of the FLF, while in very blustery conditions the crew of 552 tell us of what they believe will be the last workings of the FLFs. We then watch as 552 departs, leaving us to make our way home and the crew to take 552 on one more cross-city trip to West Earlham on service 508, followed by a short working back to Norwich bus station and withdrawal.

Chapter 8. Evening departures from the bus station.

A visit to the bus station later that evening to see the last workings of the day, finds the blue ‘Phoenix’ VR taking over duties once performed by the FLF.

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