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Payment can be made by using PAYPAL or a credit/debit card through PAYPAL on this website. You are not required to setup a PAYPAL account, although you may find it useful to do so. ‘RETB Working on the East Suffolk Line’  £17.99 - Catalogue No. PITDVDRETB

This DVD features the working of the RETB (Radio Electronic Tokenless Block) signalling system. Commissioned in February 1986 at Saxmundham signal box and replaced by a modern SSI (Solid State Interlocking) and axle counter system in October 2012. See the RETB and the replacement SSI system at work in Saxmundham signal box. The DVD also features footage from the cab of 57306 (with 57310 on the tail) as they make the last run of the RHTT (Rail Head Treatment Train) under the RETB signalling system, the weather was very dull and wet, but still worth a watch.

With thanks to Network Rail and Direct Rail Services for their co-operation in making this DVD possible.

Running time 65 minutes.

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16:9 format.


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